Twitter’s 280 Characters

Creative Ways to Embrace Twitter’s 280 Characters

Ever since Twitter’s decision to expand its 140 characters to 280, brand around the globe have been exploring innovative ways to take advantage of this added space. This decision was taken after discovering that 9% of tweets in the English language hit the character limit which reflected a challenge of fitting a thought into a tweet and often editing it.

This has an added advantage for the businesses using Twitter for their marketing, they can now easily compose clever 280 character tweets and communicate effectively with their audience.

Here we have highlighted some ways to embrace this.

  • Share multiple links

In the past you had to tweet out back to back on tweets with different links which annoyed the followers. But now with 280 character limit you can add various links in one tweet, be it for your website or articles or blogs or videos, you can add all of them together.

  • Tweet in 2 languages

This character limit has eliminated to tweet twice one in a universal language that is English and your other language. Now you can include both English or French or Spanish or any other languages in the same tweet and save your time.

  • Include two stories in one

You are no longer limited to be witty with 140 characters or rely on threaded tweets. You can now include your content into two sections, one providing the update and the other the latest news or whatever you like to.

  • Create character art

Get even more creative with your character tricks. Whether it is creating a happy birthday message or an invitation, you can use different letters of the alphabet with ease as you now have more space than ever to do it.

So, these are the few ways you can get creative with the new 28 character limit.

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